Achieving gender equity is a big job. At Women Win, we leverage our expertise to help other actors across sectors increase their impact in making the world a more equitable place. The primary services we offer are:  

Fiscal Sponsorship: As a registered Stichting with ANBI status in The Netherlands, 501c3 status in the United States, and registered charity status in the United Kingdom, we can extend legal and tax exempt status to select NGO/not-for-profit organisations and projects that are not registered and are performing activities related to our mission and/or vision. Partner example: Guerreiras Project

Financial Support: We (re)grant and manage funds aimed at local implementers for individual organisations or coalitions. In the process, we conduct a rigorous due diligence, liaise with partners and provide customised donor reporting with data-driven insights. 
Partner example: Standard Chartered Bank Goal Programme donor advised fund

Technical Services: We train and consult on a variety of topics related to gender, development, leadership, sport and play, measuring impact, partnership brokering and digital storytelling. We help local actors improve programmes and organisational sustainability; and help non-local actors get in and improve their game. In 2015, we held over 25 trainings globally.  Partner example: FIFA Female Leadership Development Programme

Customised Products: We use our design muscles to create innovative tools, games, and programmes that can be implemented locally or globally to improve gender equity. 
Partner example: Garment Manufacturing Brand: One Win Leads to Another.

Operational Services: Our finance and operations department is world class. We provide financial services, bookkeeping, expense administration, accounting, IT, HR and bank services for like-minded organisations who are looking to outsource operations and focus on the core of their mission. Partner example: Win-Win Strategies

Data Management: We share and customise our innovative cloud-based methodologies to develop indicators related to the outcomes they seek, develop measurement tools and support data collection. Once the system is in place, we can help analyse, interpret and generate insights from this data to drive continuous, real-time improvements in programmes. Partner examples: Salesforce Foundation and DFID Building Young Women's Leadership Through Sport programme.

Thought Leadership: We help create unique, multimedia content that positions you as an influencer in your sector. We can help you develop communications strategies and deliver through earned, owned and social media outlets. Partner example: FRIDA Fund's Digital Storytelling Project.

To learn more about how these services might support your programme or organisation, contact us at with your interest.