Play to Delay: Sport and Early Marriage

What's at stake when you play or work out? There is something in it for all of us - making friends, losing weight. For others, the stakes are much higher. It can be the difference between a girl getting married, dropping out of school and seeing her opportunities for a more prosperous life disappear.

Several of Women Win's program partners around the world are using sport to address early marriage by building girls' leadership, teaching them about their rights and working with their communities to change harmful traditional practices.

This video, derived from the real stories of the girls we work with, shows us how.

For more information about how sport can be used as a tool to address sexual and reproductive health and rights, go to

With special thanks to all our partners and the girls who shared their stories, especially Naz Foundation, KMG, BRAC, HODI, SALT, Colombianitos, Moving the Goalposts and Empowering Women of Nepal.