What is the impact of sport and life skills programmes on adolescent girls and young women? 

We are building a body of evidence to answer this question through our partners, who work directly with adolescent girls and young women. Our aim is both to prove the value of sport and improve the programmes we support to optimize outcomes. 

Based on data collected by our partners, we know that after participating in sport and life skills programmes, adolescent girls and young women changed in the following ways: 

Participate in other sports activities
Before 41% - After 70%

Know how to prevent HIV
Before 32% - After 75%

Know a place to report violence
Before 55% - After 87%

Strongly agree that “Women should be able to earn their own money”
Before 33% - After 63%

Strongly agree that “I have skills and talents that I am proud of”
Before 28% - After 57%

* Data was collected from a random sample of 6290 adolescent girls and young women from 8 countries who participated in sport and life skills programmes in 2017