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Win-Win Strategies (WWS) works to catalyze a transformative, cross-sectoral approach to sustained women’s economic empowerment. 

We leverage the expertise and resources of companies and women’s funds and organisations to strengthen corporate investment in women’s economic empowerment (WEE). Driven by the vision of a future where every woman and girl can exercise her rights and experience full economic empowerment, WWS harnesses a building block approach to WEE – one which addresses underlying structural barriers that women face in striving to become full participants in their economies and societies.

Through consulting, training, and partner-building services, WWS supports organisations to expand the impact, extend the scale, and increase the return of WEE investments.


Our Story

In light of growing cross-sectoral interest to support women’s and girls’ empowerment programmes, a group of stakeholders met in Amsterdam in January 2015 to discuss new strategies for collaboration. Recognizing the need to create new spaces for learning, knowledge production, development of relationships, and mobilization of resources – not only among companies, corporate foundations, women's funds and grassroots women's organisations, but also with INGOs, fund advisors, private foundations and the public sector – the Win-Win Coalition (WWC) was established later that year. Initial funding for the WWC was provided by the Oak Foundation and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and later from the Foundation for a Just Society. 

Win-Win Strategies (WWS) launched in late 2016 to expand, enhance, and operationalise the work of the WWC, a network that had grown to include 30 companies, foundations, women’s funds and organisations, and individual “bridge-builders” dedicated to creating collaboration and action to empower women globally. 

Following a successful two years, WWS merged with Women Win as a means of leveraging operational efficiencies, expanding resources, and contributing to greater progress toward empowering women and girls around the world. Today, WWS continues its work with companies, women’s funds and organisations, and others to strengthen investment in WEE, partner more effectively, and work in support of a world where every woman and girl exercises her rights and accesses opportunities

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