Request for Proposal: Women Win Website


Women Win is a global women’s fund, leader in adolescent girls and young women’s empowerment through sport. Based in Amsterdam, we work with a variety of partners to further develop girls and women leadership skills and become better equipped to exercise their rights. Since January 2019, Women Win expanded its scope of work to catalyse women’s economic empowerment through partnerships with women’s funds, women’s rights organisations and the private sector.

As Women Win grows, now with two areas of work under one umbrella organisation, the aim of this Request for Proposal is to find a supplier to develop a new website which reflects this growth. As a summary, the scope of work includes:

a. Design a website architecture which house both areas of work (girls' rights through sport and women's economic empowerment), including educational materials both areas of work produce and that needs to be disseminated on the website
b. Develop the website according to agreed architecture and brand guidelines from each area of work


For the past 12 years Women Win has led in adolescent girls and young women’s empowerment through sport, reaching over 3.5 million girls in almost 100 countries. This is possible thanks to collaborations with a wide variety of grassroots women’s organisations, corporates, development organisations, sports bodies and government agencies. Since 2019, Win-Win Strategies, as an independent organisation, has worked in partnership with leading companies, women-led organisations, investors and connecting institutions, to catalyse sustained women’s economic empowerment.

As of 2019, Women Win and Win-Win Strategies are now one organisation, representing two brands – a girls’ sport and play brand, and a women’s economic empowerment brand. Following this merger, there is a need to develop a new website which differentiate this two areas of work. A new Girls’ Sport Brand that better expresses its mission is being developed.

With this branding differentiation, Women Win is to become the “umbrella” organisation with the two brands (Girls’ Sport brand and Win-Win Strategies) underneath it.


Below are key points related to the current state of Women Win and Win-Win Strategies’ websites.

• The current Women Win’s website is hosted in the USA, with a retainer paid to a local developers’ agency for maintenance. Challenges related to time zone and the software used for development/management occurred in the past. Content management is done in The Netherlands.
• The Win-Win Strategies’ website has been developed in the UK and, since the merger with Women Win, has been incorporated as a session within the Women Win’s website temporarily. Content management is carried out from The Netherlands.
• The current Women Win’s website went through a refresh/rebranding in 2018.
• Drupal is the current development and content management software used. This has posed challenges related to of ease of use and of adaption (creation of new sessions, pages, features)
• Domain names ( and reside with different providers
• A third website ( has been created to host Women Win's open source educational materials, which need constant review, update or incorporation of new materials.


Audience and Requirements

The main audience of Women Win’s website is composed of professionals from non-profit organisations, sports organisations, current and potential sponsors, as well as individuals interested in the connection between sports and adolescent girls’ and young women’s rights.

The main audience of the Win-Win Strategies’ website is composed of professionals from companies, governments and foundations interested in investing in women’s economic empowerment. The website is also of interest to women’s rights organisations.

The main audience of Women Win Guides website is composed of small, local organisations from around the world which are looking into starting a sports programme for adolescent girls and young women.

Development, Hosting and Content Management

• Development and Hosting to be based preferably in The Netherlands or in a country in Europe with same time zone as Amsterdam
• Consolidation of Hosting under one company
• End use of Drupal. Website to be developed in WordPress
• Flexible website structure that allows for future areas of work to be seamless incorporated
• Mobile and tablet friendly
• Easy Content Management Tool: team member should be able to easily update content and structure
• User-friendly and intuitive Educational session (download of toolkits, for instance)
• Light website, easy to load even from countries with low internet bandwidth
• Integration with applications currently being used:

  • Salesforce integration: sign up for the newsletter, download guides or make donations, all information (contact details, documents downloaded, amount donated…) should be automatically transferred and integrated to Salesforce
  • MailChimp
  • Zoom: for webinars

• Major website development work to be done by supplier, but mandatory that small development adjustments (creation of a new session, for example) should be done in-house
• Payment process (for donations) to accept all credit cards and possible in Euros, Sterling Pounds, Dollars (and other currencies, if possible). PayPal and iDeal to be available.
• Ability to host webinars (through integration with Zoom or other platform)
• Easy solution for website analytics
• SEO optimised website
• Intellectual Property Rights: full Women Win ownership
• Compliant to any legal obligations by Dutch authorities and any other regulations
• Security measures to meet or exceed industry standards
• Agility on resolving issues (3-6 hours)
• Optional: integration with e-shop (to be potentially be used in the future)

A brand identity for the girls’ sports programme is being developed. This process is expected to occur concurrent to the development of the website. Hence the need for the website architecture to allow for a simple change “turn on/turn off” of new areas.

Examples of websites we find appealing:

Expression of Interest

Women Win’s team is a fun, easy-going crowd and we are looking for a website development team with the same spirit. If you believe you can make a difference through supporting us on this new project, please send us back the following documents.

Response to the Appendix A – Women Win Website RFP Questionnaire, download File here.

• Please fill out all tabs of the spreadsheet
• In the tab “Fees”, indicate your pricing structure for the provision of the services described above.
All prices/rates to be submitted in Euros. Please make sure you also include V.A.T.

Presentation (15 pages maximum)
Please send us a presentation that covers the following points:

• Company description and experience in the required service
• Project overview (steps, process)
• Proposed timeline (from the announcement of the selected partner)
• Brief summary about the project team
• Three recent relevant project samples
• Terms and condition

As an organisation that aims to advance girls and women’s right, including economic rights, Women Win will give preference for women-owned/women-led companies; companies with established policies and procedures that promote gender equity at work; and companies able to field diverse teams which are women-led and gender-balanced.


Key activities and target completion dates for the conclusion of the RFP process are outlined below. Women Win is committed to meeting this schedule, but reserves the right to change these dates at our sole discretion and convenience, without liability. Any date changes will be communicated to all RFP applicant suppliers.


RFP submission date 12 February 2020
Face-to-face meetings in Amsterdam for the shortlisted agencies

March 2020 (tbd)

Nomination of the preferred supplier

End of March 2020

Women Win contact persons:

Perrine Chappellier,

Mariana Chaves Sanchez,


To download this Request for Proposal please click PDF icon here.