ROLL Models Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Skateistan and Women Win are excited to be teaming up to launch the first round of the ROLL Models program, aimed at improving the physical and mental well-being of girls through skateboarding initiatives. The ROLL Models program will support young womxn (ages 18-30) who are passionate about skateboarding and who want to inspire the next generation of girls to be empowered, active and healthy.

Selected ROLL Models candidates will receive:

  • A place at the ROLL Models Leadership Camp (including travel)
  • Support and guidance from Skateistan and Women Win
  • Eligibility to receive a seed grant (up to €3000) to fund their idea

Key dates:

14 February 2020 – Applications Close

31 March 2020 – Announcement of selected ROLL Models

May 2020 – ROLL Models Leadership Camp in Berlin (exact dates TBD)

1. Who can apply to be a ROLL Model?
The ROLL Models program is designed to support young womxn, aged 18 to 30 years old, who have an exciting idea for a project to get more girls on skateboards in Greece, Germany and the Netherlands. Womxn who identify as trans or non-binary are eligible to apply. Applicants must be available to attend the entire ROLL Models Leadership Camp in Berlin and be committed to carrying out their proposed projects, if they successfully receive a seed grant.

2. Can I apply if I’m not based in Germany, Greece or the Netherlands?
No, unfortunately the ROLL Models program can only support projects that will take place in these three countries.

3. What is the selection process?
Women Win and Skateistan will create a shortlist of applicants who will be contacted for a video interview. Then 25 applicants will be selected to attend the Leadership Camp in Berlin and be eligible to receive seed funding towards their project idea. The selected ROLL Models will include at least five individuals from each focus country so that the seed funding is distributed fairly across the different countries and the womxn can build their international network. During the Camp, the ROLL Models will work on their project ideas and have the chance to give input on how the seed grants would have the most impact for all the eligible projects. The final decision on seed granting will be made by representatives from Women Win and Skateistan.

4. Do I need to be a really good skateboarder to be a ROLL Model?
Not at all! The most important thing is your passion for empowering girls. Basic skateboarding skills can go a long way, and can be paired with other activities and life skills. Even if you haven’t skateboarded before or are brand new to it, there is no reason you can’t design a skateboarding project and get some help from more experienced skateboarders to carry it out. If you are selected as a ROLL Model and don’t have your own skateboard yet, we will provide you with one to use during the Leadership Camp. 

5. In what languages can I apply?
While the Leadership Camp will be primarily run in English, if you don’t feel comfortable applying in English you can ask someone to help you or write it in your local language. If you are selected as a ROLL Model and need translation assistance at the Leadership Camp, we will do our best to accommodate you. 

6. Can I submit more than one application?
Yes! If you are full of ideas, bring them on! However, only one of your ideas/projects will be eligible to receive a grant.

7. What timeline should my project have? When can it start and how long can it run for?
All projects must take place between 1 June and 31 December 2020, lasting a maximum of six months. It is no problem to apply with a project that would run for a shorter amount of time, as long as it takes place between those dates.  

8. How does the seed granting work? How much can I apply for?
The ROLL Models program will offer grants of up to €3000 per project. In 2020, approximately €35k will be available in seed grants for up to 25 selected ROLL Models. All applicants will be notified regarding the success of their application to be a ROLL Model by 31 March 2020. If successful, you will be enrolled in the ROLL Models Leadership Camp, led by Women Win and Skateistan, and become eligible for a seed grant towards your project.


  • Individual: If your project would be run by you or a team of volunteers who aren’t affiliated with an existing organisation, you can apply for a grant up to €1000.
  • Organisation: If the project would be implemented by you, in cooperation with an existing non-profit or community organisation, you can apply for a grant up to €3000.

9. Can multiple people from the same organisation apply?
Yes, it is okay for more than one person from the same organisation to submit applications. For example, one staff member could apply with a project idea, and a volunteer or participant from the same organisation could apply with a different project idea. It is even possible for two womxn working together on the same project to both apply. However, please note that Skateistan and Women Win will strive for fairness in the selection process and will be aware of not having one organisation over-represented.

10. Is my project eligible if some of the participants will be boys or women older than 18 years old?
Projects that focus exclusively on girls (ages 5-18) as their direct beneficiaries will be preferred, however you may apply with a project that includes up to 25% other participants.

11. Can I apply for an individual research/scholarship/travel grant?
The ROLL Models program will not fund individual/academic research, scholarships or travel grants.

12. I want to include a video with my application but don’t want it to be published online. How can I do this?
If you have a YouTube account you can upload a video as “unlisted” or “private” – in both cases these would not appear publicly or in YouTube searches. Another option is to send us the video using to

13. Do we need to submit a detailed budget proposal?
At this stage of the application process, it is not necessary to submit any budget details, but your project should be possible to carry out within the seed grant range that is available. Applicants who are selected to take part in the Leadership Camp will develop a detailed budget at a later stage.

14. Is it possible to use the project grant to build infrastructure, like skateparks? Can I use the grant to buy a vehicle or laptop?
No, it’s not possible to build permanent infrastructure (ie. concrete skate obstacles) or to use the budget for large equipment purchases. The ROLL Models seed grants are designed to support you and the implementation of your skateboarding-based activities. Salary costs and stipends are okay if they are direct project costs. It is also okay to include transport costs (ie. fuel, bus fare) or venue rental costs. Please note that you can use a maximum of 10% of your total budget for costs like office rent and bills.

15. If I want to apply as part of an organisation does it need to be a registered non-profit?
Your organisation does not need to be legally registered – the ROLL Models program will accept applications in the ‘Organisation’ category from any group, movement, or initiative. Your organisation should, however, have some kind of online presence (ie. website, social media) that demonstrates your previous activities. An important thing to remember when applying for the ‘Organisation’ category, is that the idea for the project should be (partly) yours. You will also need to be involved in implementing the project.