Alisha Fernandez Miranda

Alisha is the Managing Director of I.G. Advisors, a London-based strategy consultancy focused exclusively on social impact and Founder of Not My Style, an app that tell shoppers how much their favourite brands share about the people who make our clothes. She was formerly the Director of TrustLaw at the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and Senior Manager of Community Investment at Standard Chartered Bank. One of Alisha’s key achievements was the successful design, implementation and initial scale of the award-winning, Goal programme, a global initiative which uses sport to empower adolescent girls with life skills and financial literacy.

Alisha received a Master’s Degree in Gender, Development, and Globalisation from the London School of Economics where she studied Corporate Social Responsibility and Gender Equality, and graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Women’s Studies. A cheerleader and dancer throughout her childhood, Alisha’s sports pursuits now tend toward the more low-key yoga and pilates.