Elisa Altuna

Elisa Altuna started supporting different Women Win projects in 2019 and joined the team in 2022. She is originally from Argentina, where she is based. As a specialist in social organisations, she assists organisations to develop and manage impactful projects, generate collaborative building approaches, and establishing strategic alliances across sectors.

She also has professional experience in projects that use sport as a tool for women’s empowerment. In her role at Women Win, she provides technical expertise on gender inclusion at the programmatic level, supports the development of management tools and promotes strategies that address social norms and promote the voice and agency of girls and women.

She holds a degree in Political Science, is a specialist in Non-Profit Organisations and has a postgraduate course in General Management Tools. Elisa is enthusiastic about collaboration and networking and enjoys meeting new people and generating initiatives to achieve positive impacts on society. In her free time, she enjoys dance classes, playing paddle and meeting friends.