Hannah Frinking

Hannah joined the Women Win team in February 2023 as an intern in the ONSIDE workstream. Hannah lives in Utrecht where she is studying for her Master’s Youth, Education and Society, with a focus on pedagogical international development. She holds a bachelor’s in Pedagogy but wanted to pursue her studies as she was eager to learn and understand the different views on pedagogy.

Hannah not always lived in the city, as she spent her childhood in a small village in France with just a few cows by her side. Although she could not appreciate the calmness and peace then, Hannah now loves to be in nature and escape the city now and then. Besides that, Hannah is a fanatic tennis player and a mindful yogi who loves feeling strong and calm.

In her spare time, Hannah loves to try new recipes and eat healthy meals compensated with bakeries and desserts. Although she is a little shy, Hannah loves meeting new people and having conversations about life. Hannah is a proud cat mom and admits she spoils him too much. She also loves to explore new places and hopes to travel the world with a camper one day with her cat by her side.