Joyce Nwanochi

Joyce’s first contact with Women Win was through an opportunity as a Youth Peer Panellist for the Free fund in 2021. After that, she became an advisory board member for the FREE STEM Fund and officially joined Women Win in 2023 as an Intern with the Ignita team.

She is a pharmacist, data analyst and social impact professional with extensive experience working to improve the economic resilience, sexual/reproductive health and overall well-being of Women and girls through data-focused approaches, advocacy, skills training and grant-making.

Joyce is currently the Team lead/Founder of Nsonye, a social impact organization and women in technology community working to bridge the technology gap for women and girls across Africa. Through this organization, she has created a platform to encourage the inclusion and participation of over 1500 women and girls in the Technology industry through upskilling training, Mentorship and a community that supports their career growth in the industry.

She also volunteers her time to strengthen partnerships and guide women-focused non-profit organizations in Nigeria through fundraising and efficient project management to drive impact.

In her free time, you would find her experimenting with different meal recipes, reading interesting novels or spending time with her family.