Kathleen Brenninkmeijer

Kathleen joined the Women Win team in 2017, first as a volunteer and then as a Programmes Manager. In her current role, Kathleen manages a number of programmes and funder relationships within the Win-Win Strategies portfolio. 

Kathleen has a degree in applied psychology and human rights philosophy, yet kick-started her career in the private sector. Having had the opportunity to take on roles in multiple areas across the apparel sector (sales, buying, sourcing, CSR), she understands both the business demands across the supply chain, as well as recognizes the challenges and needs from a human rights perspective. This experience supports Kathleen to work effectively with both private sector companies as well as women’s rights organisations, in order to identify win-win opportunities for business and women’s rights.

Raised in a Cuban-Dutch household and having moved across multiple continents, Kathleen has a passion for immersing herself in new cultures. Sport and dance was also a key part of her upbringing and continues to play an important role in her life. And as a part-time adrenaline junkie, she lives for the empowering feeling of skydiving.