Kathleen Brenninkmeijer

Kathleen joined the Women Win team in 2017. As Director of Win-Win Strategies, she drives the brand’s strategy, oversees the delivery of programmatic work and supports the team’s resource mobilisation efforts.

Kathleen has a background in Human Development with an interdisciplinary focus on Peace & Justice. Her career, however, began in the private sector where she joined C&A’s management trainee programme and was exposed to the entire apparel supply chain from start to finish. Kathleen learned to navigate the often conflicting realities of the industry’s business priorities and its social responsibility efforts. She now enjoys bringing these experiences to her work within Win-Win Strategies.

As a global citizen and raised in a Cuban-Dutch family, Kathleen deeply values her international upbringing. She is an adrenaline junkie and loves to indulge in activities like skydiving, white-water rafting and ATVing. She lives in Amsterdam and jumps at any opportunity to travel to Latin America.