Viviane Langner

Viviane is originally from Germany and came to the Netherlands to obtain a Bachelor in Tourism and Recreation Management. After three jobs at international commercial companies, Viviane felt a strong urge to do more meaningful work and started at Women Win in March 2019 as Operations Manager.

In this role her focus is to assure that the team, particularly the members in Amsterdam, has everything they need in order to be able to perform their jobs in an efficient and effective manner. This includes aspects such as work equipment, policies and procedures, but also that everyone can feel safe and comfortable in the office. Moreover, Viviane performs tasks in the areas of Finance, HR and general operations support. In addition, she serves as executive assistant.

Viviane is a big dance, yoga and pilates enthusiast, but also curious to try different types of sports. She loves animals and travelling and has enjoyed exploring the nature, cultures and food of many different countries. During her travels through Africa she was pleasantly surprised to learn how much change women can bring to their communities and Viviane is now veryhappy to work for an organization that supports (young) women’s empowerment.