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There is a movement developing around the world to empower girls and women through sports. In India, Brazil, Zimbabwe and across the globe, people are realising that sport is a tool that works to build girls' self esteem, strength, education and sense of community. Women Win seeks to spark and grow this movement. Join our team by connecting with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, attend an event, visit a partner or make a donation.

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Women Win is recognised as a leading global organisation using sport as a strategy to advance girls’ and women’s rights. At Women Win, we envision a world in which every adolescent girl and young woman exercises her rights. We aim to advance the playing field for girls by leveraging our expertise and connections across the global sport, development and women’s rights sectors. Through our programmes, we leverage the power of sport and play to help girls build leadership and become better equipped to exercise their rights. We champion innovation and unlikely partnerships to stay at the top of our game.