Consultancy Opportunity: Case Study Partner

Win-Win Strategies (WWS) is a Women Win’s programme which connects the power of business with the deep assets of women’s funds and organisations to empower women globally. The vision of this programme is a future where every woman and girl can realise her rights and access opportunities.

WWS seeks to leverage the expertise and resources of women’s funds and corporates to create partnerships which build new resources for the women’s funds themselves and that also have a return for business. We do this by:

Leveraging partnerships between women’s funds/organisations and companies on the design and delivery of programmes and strategies which have women and their rights at the core
Delivering institutional strengthening programmes to women’s funds/organisations to support them to collaborate more effectively – particularly with the private sector – and access new resources to increase their impact in doing so
Producing case studies, evidence documents, tools and resources needed for women’s funds/organisations and companies to build innovative collaborations and partnerships that economically empower women globally

WWS aims to build a more robust and resilient women’s rights sector by both increasing and diversifying the resources of women’s funds/organisations through building collaborations between them and companies working on women’s economic empowerment – thus creating new networks and new sources and models of funding for women’s funds/organisations.



WWS is seeking a consultancy partner to develop one ‘live’ ongoing case study of a collaboration between a women’s fund and a company on empowering women. The live case study will follow the partnership through its various stages (Scoping and Building; Managing and Maintaining; Reviewing and Revising; and Sustaining Outcomes) over a two-year period. The case study will be used as a learning tool and will include actors interested in action learning processes, so that we can create immediate feedback loops that generate real time lessons and encourage reflection and learning.



The consultancy partner will:

develop an in-depth, real time case study of a collaboration between a company and one women’s fund, interviewing all parties and stakeholders to build a story that reflects process, challenges, opportunities, successes and, hopefully, successful failures.
structure and write the case study in a format or formats that can be used as a learning tool at Win-Win Strategies capacity development trainings and in other venues (conferences, seminars etc.).

Two key audiences for this case study are women’s funds/rights organisations as well as companies working on, or contemplating, women’s economic empowerment strategies and programmes.



Applicants must have at a minimum the following qualifications:
Background in, or familiarity with, women’s economic empowerment, cross-sector partnerships, women’s funds
Expertise in gender justice
Proven ability in advising and supporting NGOs, foundations and corporates on replication, research, learning
Excellent verbal and written skills (in English), with ability to interview stakeholders



We invite interested parties to submit a 2-page expression of interest to Renata Affonso ( by 10 July 2019. The expression of interest should include:

Proposal of activities
Organisational background including relevant experience for this assignment
Cost estimate (in euros)