Futbol con Corazon

Fútbol Con Corazón is a grass-roots social change model which utilizes soccer's calling power to provide new life opportunities for 1,800 vulnerable boys and girls, ages 5-16, in Colombia’s Caribbean coast who live below the poverty line.

This extra-curricular holistic program focuses on three areas: athletic training using the “soccer for peace” methodology; values-based experiential workshops focusing on gender, conflict resolution, and tolerance among other crucial values; and well balanced nutrition.

When a child joins Fútbol Con Corazón, she knows that she will not be playing “soccer as usual.” The “soccer for peace” methodology calls for mixed girl-boy teams in various age categories, a practice that is alien to the social context in which the children live. Twice a week, they engage in experience-based values workshops, which emphasize four core values to be demonstrated on the playing field: honesty, solidarity, respect and tolerance.