Girls & Football SA

Girls & Football SA encourages girls in South Africa to play football as a source of empowerment, while promoting body ownership, increasing self-esteem and using an education campaign and media to raise awareness on the importance of sport for women.

HIV/Aids, teen pregnancy and violence against girls and women are highly prevalent in South Africa. Inspired by this fact and the need to provide girls with a positive platform to develop, Girls & Football SA uses football as a vehicle for education and a source of empowerment to equip girls with a strong sense of body ownership and self-esteem.

The award-winning organisation involves the local and national communities by encouraging sport as a developmental tool for girls and by raising awareness about important issues that influence the lives of girls in South Africa. Girls & Football SA conducts workshops, combining life skills training and football to empower girls at a grass roots level.

With the production of the acclaimed documentary, “Can I Kick It?”, as well as through various Girls & Football SA media channels, social networks, and leading websites, such as Supersport, the organisation strives to raise awareness on women’s sport in South Africa at national and international levels. By linking participants with strong role models, such as the players of the South Africa National Women’s Football Team, girls are inspired to build a better future.