KMG Ethiopia

KMG Ethiopia is an indigenous civil society organisation founded by Bogaletch and Fikrte Gebre. These two sisters grew up in rural Ethiopia, where gender-based violence, including female genital mutilation/excision (FGM/E), was endemic, impacting the vast majority of girls in the region.

KMG Ethiopia envisions a society where women are free from all forms of discrimination and violence, and are able to achieve equality for themselves and, in turn, societies at large. They believe that a new perception of women as leaders and creators of value can advance the talent and intelligence of the population at large, and benefit of all.

KMG’s mission is to enable women in Ethiopia’s marginalised communities to create environments where women’s rights are observed. They seek to assist women in realising their socio-economic wellbeing and advancement through integrated and sustainable development interventions that link economy, society and ecology.

KMG is currently exploring sport as a strategy to empower members of their “Uncut Girls Clubs” who are trained in gender, women’s rights and harmful cultural practices like FGM/E. Previously, KMG has supported several organised sport tournaments for girls during the Whole Body Healthy Life Celebrations of uncut girls.

In 2013 KMG will expand their sport programme by recruiting two female coaches and establishing several football and volleyball teams. The programme will adapt the Goal curriculum to ensure it is “fit for purpose” within the Ethiopian context. Two hundred new girls from the Uncut Clubs will participate in sport and life skills sessions during the first year of the programme.