Kroobay Women and Girls Sport Initiatives

Kroobay Women and Girls Sport in Sierra Leone is a women's organization active in the Kroobay area. Since the inception of the war period in Sierra Leone (1991-2004) over 68% of young women and teenage girls have undergone some form of violence, rape, exploitation and abuse. Forty-nine percent of 7 to 16 year olds suffered degradation, molestation, poverty, rejection and marginalization.

Kroobay uses different sports (amateur boxing, running, football, volleyball) to reach 200 girls and young women in the Kroobay community in order to increase their physical endurance, learn conflict management, develop their leadership skills and develop a higher self-esteem and pride in themselves. The International Working Group on Women and Sport was a co-partner of Women Win in supporting Kroobay in 2008-2009.