MIFUMI is a women-led organization, that seeks to end domestic violence. Based in Uganda, they work with survivors and grassroots organizations to increase support and to enable them to become more effective and skillful in promoting women's rights.

MIFUMI is internationally recognized for its successful campaign and referendum against bride price in Uganda, a major contributing factor to violence and women's subordination. In 2007, MIFUMI became very interested in the concept of using sport for women's rights, and they ran exploratory karate training for 30 girls in a MIFUMI primary school.

Encouraged by the positive results, MIFUMI currently uses karate combined with its "Feel Free" gender training to empower adolescent girls in schools in rural Tororo, Uganda. They expect that nearly 2,000 girls will be involved in their karate clubs in 2013.

MIFUMI is actively advocating and sharing the strategy with other partners in its MIFUMI Human Rights Defenders Network in Uganda. An external evaluation was recently conducted of the project, and a summary of results is available here.