One Family People

One Family People (OFP) is an NGO based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The organisation was created in 2004 to generate support for the high population of people with disabilities resulting from the civil war. OFP envisions a society where people with disabilities are respected and treated as equal, and granted equal participation in all sectors of social life.

OFP provides in-depth social work with disabled people living scattered in the streets of Freetown, as well as in temporary homes and shelters. The organisation is the only local-based group intervening directly at the grassroots level and uses dance, theatre, street theatre, music and sport. In addition to programmes, OFP mobilises community support and challenges prejudices by staging parades, events and demonstrations in public spaces.

As a member of the Girl Power alliance in Sierra Leone, OFP has been implementing the Goal programme since 2011 to empower adolescent girls, with special attention to those with disabilities. Participants train in football or other sport and learn basic life skills with the opportunity to play and grow in a safe space.

OFP partners with grassroots, women-led community organisations to implement the Goal programme.