Polycom Development Project

Polycom Development Project is a community-based advocacy organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya and works for women’s empowerment and girl child welfare. Polycom envisions the ability for skilled and empowered young women, especially girls, to contribute positively to their community and country's development.

Polycom trains and support many peer-educators to deliver life skills education in schools using their “talking box” methodology. The “talking box” was designed to create a collective and anonymous platform for children to raise sensitive issues by writing down notes and questions and placing them in the box.

Polycom is currently implementing sport programmes for girls and young women. In 2013 they will launch another programme that involves sport and life skills education in addition to microfinance training and the provision of micro-loans. Within this new programme, participants will be given the opportunity to practice their leadership and teamwork skills on the sport field as well as in their micro-loan groups.