Sadili Oval Sports Academy

Sadili Oval Sports Academy is an indigenous, non-profit, community-driven sport centre, one of the few of its kind in eastern and central Africa. As a unique social enterprise, it also includes a for-profit organisation. Sadili Oval opens up their sport facilities to the paying public in order to partially subsidize their non-profit programmes.

Sadili Oval Sports Academy places an emphasis on environmental considerations in its programming. Its facilities are built on land that was formerly a sewage area - reclaimed by Sadili Oval - bordering Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi. The buildings and gym equipment have been designed and built from recycled materials.

With Women Win support, Sadili Oval Sports Academy has expanded its programming to develop a network of "Girl Power Clubs." They now reach 67 primary and secondary schools in different parts of Kenya, with emphasis on the most vulnerable groups. Through sport, the Girl Power Clubs aim to help girls address action against violence, explore personal abilities, develop healthy lifestyles, build self-esteem, create role models, learn business skills and take leadership roles in the community.