Semillas, Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos de la Mujer, A.C.

Founded in Mexico City in 1990, Fondo Semillas was the first women’s fund established in the global South and remains the only fund of its kind in Mexico. Over the last 28 years, they have supported over 850 projects and directly benefited over 70,000 Mexican women and girls. Since its beginning, Fondo Semillas has strongly believed that the leadership of grassroots women and girls is essential to achieving lasting social change, as they are the experts on the needs and priorities in their respective contexts. 

Fondo Semillas’s work model is rooted in a feminist, horizontal approach that incorporates participatory methodologies to engage grantees as peers in decision making and learning processes. They fund four broad portfolios: Body, Land, Work, and Identities, supporting over 100 grantees per year through diverse strategies such as sports, art, and advocacy to promote women's rights in all aspects.

Through the partnership with Women Win, Semillas is using sports as a tool to empower young women and girls and prevent gender-based violence in Mexico. Hundreds of girls and young women are given the opportunity to come together to learn new life skills and how to overcome various roadblocks, while improving their overall well-being through participating in sports. Grantee partners in the sport portfolio are using various methodologies including self-defense, biking and football to impact the lives of girls and women.