Swasti Health Catalyst, established in 2004 is headquartered in Bangalore, India and aims to empower people from marginalised communities to lead healthy lives. Swasti’s initiatives address behaviours, systems and social determinants to ensure the well-being of most hard to reach populations such as rural and urban poor, workers in supply chains, women in difficult circumstances, farming communities, and transgender people. As of 2018, Swasti has directly impacted nearly 200,000 workers through various worker well-being initiatives and roughly 500,000 people through community interventions. 

Women Win works with Swasti to deliver life skills sessions with a play-based methodology to mainly female garment factory workers in southern India. Having partnered with more than 20 brands and foundations to catalyse change and achieve well-being of people and communities, Swasti brings contextual knowledge and high-quality programmatic experience to the project.