Tiempo de Juego

Since it began operating as a football school in Cazuca, Tiempo de Juego has worked to promote learning and build principles of coexistence through instilling values such as solidarity, fair play, teamwork and gender equity. Through football, Tiempo de Juego teaches young people to win with humility and defeat with dignity, tolerance and respect for others.

This Colombian organisation uses football as a strategy to engage and teach about peace building. This model combines mental and physical exercise to allow young people to adopt healthy living styles, support protection and provide tools to counteract the negative influences of the social context in which they reside. The model also seeks to promote gender mainstreaming by adopting rules that encourage the participation of women in sport.

Tiempo de Juego also runs a programme that seeks to improve the socioeconomic conditions of youth in the community. They recruit youth from the organisation at large to perform duties as field technicians, social workers and academic trainers, thus creating employment opportunities, organisational sustainability and empowerment of participants in the community.