Vijana Amani Pamoja

Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP) is a youth-based organization that leverages the power and popularity of football to reach out to young people. VAP’s programs promote healthy and active lifestyles for young people while supporting them to develop key life skills. The flagship program is the Skillz HIV program, which uses a football-based curriculum to enable youth to explore issues related to HIV /AIDS and gain skills to stay healthy and avoid risky behaviors. 

Additionally, VAP conducts a program called Mrembo (beauty) which seeks to empower disadvantaged adolescent girls and young women through a series of sports-based activities. Mrembo is run by a group of local coaches who are considered role models within their communities. Coaches create safe spaces and facilitate vital conversations in which girls and young women can openly discuss their beliefs on sexuality, financial independence and women’s rights as well as gaining key information on the topics. Graduates of the program are in a better position to realize their full potential as young women and utilize opportunities that shape their own informed healthy and economic life choices.