Youth Empowerment Foundation

The Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF) is a youth-focused, non-profit organisation established in 1995 in Nigeria. YEF addresses the needs of young people by building their capacities through trainings on life skills, leadership development and reproductive health (HIV/AIDS). In addition, YEF provides direct service provision for STI diagnosis, sexual abuse counselling and referrals for family planning.

YEF uses drama, street and sport to reach young people with accurate information. These methods have been used effectively in mobilising their target group, especially out-of-school youth for counselling and testing.

With the support of Women Win and Standard Chartered, YEF is implementing the Goal programme, a financial literacy curriculum that combines key life skills and sport trainings and targets adolescent girls. Girls participate in activities and discussions regarding conflict resolution, gender-based violence, health and hygiene, basic financial literacy, communication, and career choices.

With Goal, YEF reaches about 13,000 girls per year in Lagos and Abuja through a combination of intensive classroom and football training sessions as well as peer-to-peer education sessions.  YEF’s peer-to-peer model has allowed the organisation to continually expand the programme and reach more girls.