Sport coach from Kachin land

Ting Myaw, Made to Play Winner

Made to Play Winner, Girl Determined

"The video creative process bring to life my very first experiences of playing sports. I have recorded my life story of my first journey into sports, achievements, challenges, and so on. Sport is everything for me. That is why, I am involve in projects aiming to making a better society through sports. I would like to thank Colourful Girl (Girl Determined) and Women Win (Made to play)." Ting Myaw, Made to Play Winner

Sport Coach From Kachin Land

My name is Ting Myaw, I belong to one of the sub tribes of kachin known as Lachid. I live in Myitkyina, the northern part of Myanmar where there is a civil war. I am currently working at Girl Determined as a lead coach. My first journey of sport began when I was in my first year of university. But, I had to go through the hardest, hopeless and depressing moment while I was suffering knee injuries after playing sports for 3 years. I surely believe that every girl is able to play sports. I realised the importance of leadership skills through playing sports. Currently, I have been working with girls who are aged between 12-18 living in the camp and outside from the camp as a coach. I love my job. I want to contribute to creating positive change through sports.