My life journey with sports

Mee Phyaw, Sport Coordinator

Sport Coordinator, Girl Determined

"The creative video process takes me back to my meaningful life since I was very young, especially during adolescence. I realised how important things surrounding my life were until now. I am going to create more videos of adolescent girls for those who want to share their stories." Mee Phyaw, Digital Storytelling Workshop Amsterdam 2019 participant.

My Life Journey With Sports

My name is Mee Phyaw. I belong to Akha ethnic group. I became a Sport Coordinator in Colorful Girls (Girl Determined) in Myanmar which works on the Development of Adolescent Girls’ Leadership and Life Skills. I am loved by my family, especially by my grandpa. I have been supported by him since I was young. I realized how important sport is  in my life because through it I overcame many difficulties. I got an enjoyable life due to playing sports, got new friends, got a lot of knowledge by sharing among friends and also got a lot of physical, mental and social benefits; that make me healthier and stronger than others. That’s means that Sports surely promote Physical, Mental and Social Health.