The power of positive role models

Katie Smith, Made to Play Winner

Made to Play Winner

"I believe that sport has the power to change your life and with a little help from positive role models, anything is possible."

The Power of Positive Role Models

The Women Win Digital Storytelling Workshop has been an enriching experience, that has allowed me to reflect on my life and the power and influence sport has had throughout my journey so far. It has been incredibly valuable on a personal level to explore the ways in which I could portray my story, so that I could effectively get across the message I was trying to achieve and make the most impact on my audience. I think the workshop has allowed me to properly reflect on my own sporting story and how the moments, memories and people have shaped my life as it is now, which is something I have never done before.

Thank you Women Win for this experience and for empowering me to tell my own story and show others the power of sport and positive role models.