Stories produced during DST can touch viewers deeply, moving them to reflect, change their behavior, treat others with greater compassion, speak out about injustice, and become more active. Whether online, in social media or local communities, or at the institutional/policy level, the sharing of stories has the power to make a real difference. 

The process of DST is a valuable tool to promote and support development of young women as leaders in their organisations and communities. Knowledge, together with experiences and skills acquired through participation in workshops and the enabling structures created by organisations themselves, create the following pathway of impact. This pathway serves as a frame for measuring and proving the power of the process: 

1. Girls Improve Leadership Capacities

  • DST participants are challenged to assess and improve their leadership competencies with a specific focus on using their voice
  • DST participants practice leadership by sharing their stories on a local, regional and global platform
  • DST participants practice leadership by taking action and drive change within their organisations and communities through leveraging their stories for community engagement
  • DST participants develop a network of young female leaders, as well as role models and mentors
  • DST participants assume a leadership position within their organization as a representative to the DST workshop

2. Girls Improve ICT Skills

  • DST participants improve overall computer literacy and skill application
  • DST participants build storytelling skills, such as using hooks, narrative arcs, plot development and storyboarding
  • DST participants build narration, audio recording and editing skills
  • DST participants build image generation, selection and editing skills
  • DST participants build video editing skills, such as compiling audio and image assets along a timeline, compression, transitions, and appropriate credits
  • DST participants build web publishing and social media skills

3. Partner Organisations Increase Communications Capacities

  • Partners build capacity to advocate and raise awareness of programme and its impact by leveraging girls’ stories
  • Partners improve strength in monitoring and evaluation by using stories to document, share and assess the impact of sport on girls’ lives
  • Partners build community engagement strategies through collecting girls’ stories and leveraging them to engage various stakeholders
  • DST provides a platform for the girls to advance/influence discourse as the stories become “visual evidence” and thus can provoke debate
  • Partners build capacity to mobilise resources/fundraise by leveraging digital stories