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Take action, begin now!

Ekshana Karki Chhetri

Pokhara, Nepal

Facilitator Goal program, Empowering Women of Nepal

Participating in the Digital Story Telling was both emotional and a healing process for me. The mentors have been very supportive and I've learnt to think out of the box. DST is a new skill that I will take back to our office to share with my colleagues and other young girls so that we can share our experiences and learn from each other.

Take action, begin now!

Considered weak and fragile Ekshana is never into sports until 23. Feeling depressed and low, she learns about the Goal program to be started by Empowering Women and Nepal. Her interest to be a part of the Goal program brings changes in her life. Engaging herself with valuable life skills and sports, life suddenly seems beautiful and a great learning experience. She realizes that it is never late to begin.



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