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The bottom line

Ann Nduku

Nairobi, Kenya

Assistant coordinator, Mrembo Girls' Program, Vijana Amani Pamoja

I am happy and excited by the whole process. Through the DST I have realized how important telling a story can be. A simple story can be so powerful. It has a ripple effect. It has this empowering effect. The most valuable experience has been getting the knowledge and skills to create and produce a film. It is interesting; almost like magic. I have a clear picture now and a goal to transfer the skills acquired to other young women. It was a worthwhile experience.

the bottom line

As a child I never had the opportunity to play soccer, I had no interest. I did not know soccer is such a powerful tool for empowerment until I joined VAP. I am a skills coach and i get inspired everyday by just seeing how I am impacting adolescent girls’ lives through soccer. My story is about how I use soccer to create a safe space for girls to freely discuss sexual and reproductive health matters affecting them. Most girls from the slums have little/inaccurate information and knowledge on these issues. Soccer helps these girls acquire life skills and develop resilience and can overcome challenges they face.



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