Helping Individuals (and Organisations) Tell Stories

Since 2013, Women Win has conducted DST trainings for girls' and women from around the World, including Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. We have developed a three-tiered approach to our work with our programme partner organisations.

Level One: Storytelling Skill Building
The first level of engagement focuses on experiential learning. The primary objective is for young women to attend as participants and create their own DST videos. Participants are introduced to the digital storytelling methodology and experience the process from start to end. In the spirit of Women Win’s multiplier effect, participants are selected based upon their leadership capacities at their home organisations.  

Level Two: Facilitation and Technical Skill Mastery
After participants have attended a first DST workshop, some are invited to deepen their training. Here the primary objective is building facilitation skills, in addition to honing technical skills. Participants who come for a Level Two training are given the opportunity to not only produce a second story, but share in the delivery of the workshop and serve as a peer support for Level 1 participants.

Level Three: Local Facilitation
The third level of DST is based on hosting a DST training at a partner location. Girls who have been trained by Women Win are encouraged to bring their skills and expertise to their organizations and help others to tell their stories of sport and empowerment through the DST process. This toolkit, in addition to one on one coaching pre- and post workshop are options for support as DST trainees lead their own workshops.

Five-day Overview

A standard DST workshop programme spans the recommended 5-day period and topics and learning goals are divided as follows:

Customized Trainings

Through partnerships with a range of organisations in the women's rights, sport and development sectors, Women Win offers DST workshop needs analysis, design, tool building, facilitation and evaluation support. Our methods of group process and story creation assist participants in producing short, first-person narratives that can be presented in a variety of traditional and social media formats. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at