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Becoming Nicole

Nicole Matuska

Casablanca, Morocco

Learn Manager

"Creating this story brought back a lot of memories I completely forgot about. Working in the field of sport for development with adolescent girls, I meet a lot of girls who identify with being a boy more than a girl because of their love for sport and society's insistence that girls should not participate in any sort of physical activity. I realized that I was part of this larger narrative, that I had an experience similar to hundreds of thousands of young girls all over the world, the very girls that Women Win supports. It is not only incredibly humbling, but also inspiring."

Becoming Nicole

Nicole Matuska is the Learn Manager at Women Win. She grew up playing every sport imaginable. If it involved running, moving, competition and falling down and getting muddy or hurt, Nicole was there. Growing up, Nicole was lucky to have had an amazing community of teammates, female sport role models and a supportive family and community that encouraged her to play. However, it wasn't always like that. For a period of two years, as a child , Nicole was Jake. She felt like a boy, stuck in a girls body.

In this story, Nicole reflects on why she called herself Jake, what opportunities and friendships it led her to, and how she discovered herself and became Nicole again.