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How Sports Changed My Life

Solange Umwizerwa

Kigali, Rwanda

Football Coach, Association of Kigali Women in Sports

"If someone asks me the best things I enjoyed in my life, I would tell him or her attendance of DST workshop in Amsterdam because I learnt new skills and knowledge of how to make a movie and now I managed to make a movie of my own story! I am so excited about Women Win facilitators who are able to transmit such huge skills and knowledge in a few days!"

how sports changed my life

My video talks about my life since I was a child up to my 25th year. At the beginning, I didn’t have a hope for the future. However, my Mom played a big role in reaching my dreams. Also, being able to join an organization called “AKWOS” has been a foundation of achieving much more from what I was expecting to achieve in my life.