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No Girl, No Boy, I am a Sportsperson

Amrita Devi

New Delhi, India

Project Officer, The Naz Foundation Trust

"Through DST training, I learned new skills and I realized that the visual effect can pass your message quickly to a larger audience."

No Girl, No Boy, I am a Sportsperson

This is a story about how a girl’s passion to play sport ignited change in her community’s perceptions of what a girl ‘should’ (not) do.

Initially barred from sport by her parents, Amrita had to put up a fight to be able to play. Now a decorated athlete and netball coach to more than 2,500 girls in Delhi, one of her most important victories was gaining the support of her mother and father. Amrita believes that by empowering girls physically through sport they will grow to have the confidence, strength and skills that will elevate their leadership and economic positions in the community.

She plans to organize digital storytelling workshops to facilitate the girls she coaches to tell their stories.