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Sports, Love, Success

Pooja Rawat

New Delhi, India

Sports for Development Senior Coach, The Naz Foundation Trust

"This is the first time I participated in such a workshop. I never thought I would be able to create my own video. I will show my story to my family, friends and community for inspiration, support and encouragement for the girls to play more!"

Sports, Love, Success

Pooja’s passion for sport has driven a love of baseball, netball, football, and cricket, all of which she took to varying heights including national team competitions. She attributes her ability to earn a university education and employment from her successful involvement in sport. Having now coached several thousand youth at the Naz Foundation Trust, she believes sport provides the platform to achieve all in life. Here she recalls how she was urged to stand up against her father for the first time, in order to defend her love for sport and claim her right to keep playing.