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This is My Life

Mary Florence Atieno

Nairobi, Kenya

Youth Sport Coach, Sadili Oval Sports Academy

"Once I lacked everything I desired: love, education, medical care, food and a home.... Sport has been a companion, a friend and an anchor that you can rely on."

This Is My Life

Born and raised in the largest urban slum of Kenya, ‘Flo’ is an unforgettable inspiration to those lives she crosses.  She believes that her strength lies within her compassionate heart and iron-clad will of never giving up. As a youth sport coach, she seeks to touch the lives of young ones and open their minds to the power of dreams and abilities.

Her digital story proves her point in the most effective way, not only in terms of the actual story, but also in terms of its very production; before participating in the Digital Storytelling Workshop, 'Flo' had never touched a computer before. Determined, self-assured and hardworking, 'Flo' developed the skills to create this video in no-time, in order to share her story and inspire others.