Engaged to Football

Engaged to football

Sushma is an 18 year old young woman from the rural Bihar region of India. At the age of 15 her father began negotiating for her marriage, no longer being able pay the tuition  to further her education. This is the common path for a majority of girls in Bihar, with social and economical pressures on a family to arrange marriages for girls as young as 12.

Mritunjay Tiwary, project head of the nearby Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital, realised Sushma and others like her were an untapped resource for the hospital. Now young girls along with their parents enter into a contract with the hospital. The hospital agrees to fund the girls' education, as well as teach self-confidence and teamwork through daily 2 hour sessions on the football pitch. Parents must agree to delay marriage negotiations until the young women has completed her education, drastically decreasing instances of child-brides in Bihar.