Our commitment to

gender equity and
sustainable change

Win-Win Strategies is reviewing its Theory of Change in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequences for women’s economic rights around the world.

Driven by the vision of a future where every woman and girl can exercise her rights, Win-Win Strategies will continuously work to address the underlying structural barriers that women face in striving to become full participants in their economies and societies. We leverage the expertise and resources of local women’s organisations and encourage strategic corporate approaches to co-create holistic women’s economic resilience programmes that can achieve a widespread impact and a high return.

Win-Win Strategies

employs three
key strategies

  • Fostering Cross-Sector Partnerships between Women’s Funds and Companies
  • Building Bridges for Women’s Economic Empowerment & Resilience
  • Making the Case for a Holistic and Building-Block Approach to Women’s Economic Resilience

In the long-term, Win-Win Strategies anticipates the combined effects of this work will contribute to an increased number of economically empowered and resilient women, who have both the ability to succeed and advance economically and the power to make and act on economic decisions.