Economic resilience at the

centre of our solutions

Win-Win Strategies works with and for women’s funds, companies, and others in support of sustained women’s economic rights and resilience.

Our services were created and are centred on the need to create meaningful partnerships and practical initiatives that work for women and for business. Win-Win Strategies strongly believes that the corporate investment on women’s economic resilience should come through women’s funds and organisations, which are the gender experts in complex local contexts. From this premise Win-Win Strategies, supported by Women Win, designs, develops and delivers various tailored services (tools, programme design, institutional strengthening). You can learn more here.

Deploying a
multi-faceted strategy

A Win-Win Strategies’ mission is achieved through a multi-faceted strategy anchored in the following:

  • Working with women’s funds/organisations on how to build effective and long-lasting cross-sector partnerships, in particular with the private sector.
  • Improving the knowledge of corporations on the importance of a holistic, rights-based approach to women’s economic resilience programmes and how partnering with women’s funds and rights organisations provides a pathway to institutionalise a sustainable and locally relevant programme for women.