Women's Sports Corps

Imagine if Peace Corps met Title IX! 

Women’s Sports Corps is an unique fellowship opportunity that mobilizes select post-collegiate female athletes to advance gender equity through sport globally. Fellows work directly with community-based, sport for social change organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America to strengthen their girls’ sport programs, promote female coaching and fill a vital need for more female athlete role models in communities around the world.


Our Mission

Advance gender equity globally by mobilizing female athlete leaders to expand quality sport opportunities for girls.

Our Objectives

  • Develop the leadership of post-collegiate American female athletes
  • Support organizations abroad to strengthen local leadership pipelines and increase girls’ sport participation

The Need

  1. There are more than 570 million girls in the world today. Every one of those girls has the potential to lead – herself, her peers and her community. However, gender inequity and discrimination are deeply entrenched and widely tolerated throughout the world. Sport is an accelerator for leadership development and ultimately the empowerment of adolescent girls and the creation of gender equitable communities. Unfortunately, girls often lack access to sport programs because of the lack of opportunities, female role models and restrictive social norms.
  2. In addition, collegiate female athletes have dedicated their entire life to the sports pitch. Upon graduation, they are entering a new world and must transfer their acquired leadership skills to their future jobs, but often have little help and support transitioning what they learned as an athlete to their careers.  

Our Solution

Women’s Sports Corps is designed to address critical barriers to girls’ access and development in sport in other countries, by leveraging America’s incredible resource of female collegiate athletes who are products of Title IX. Through a year-long fellowship fellows provide critical coaching, training and programmatic support to local organizations while developing their own leadership skills, transitioning from athlete to career and social change agent in their own communities upon their return.
For more information, contact Nicole Matuska at n.matuska@womenwin.org.