Young Women In Sport Mentorship Programme

Women Win's Young Women in Sport Mentorship Programme is a unique opportunity for young women who are emerging leaders in the sport for development field to connect with international mentors, develop their leadership and work towards personal and professional goals.

The programme, part of the Building Leadership in Young Women Through Sport Project funded by DFID, kicks off with a Digital Storytelling and Leadership Camp in Amsterdam, where these women, Young Leader Fellows (YLF), learn skills to tell their story of how sport has impacted their lives and take part in leadership activities. Mentors join the Young Leader Fellows for three days during which they build leadership skill through sport and play, explore the integration of sport and leadership, engage in one on one mentoring and most important of all, have fun! After the workshop, mentors and YLFs engage year long online mentoring activities.

The Community Change Project is an important part of the Young Women in Sport Mentorship Programme. It not only serves as a way for Young Leader Fellows to identify problems in their organisations or communities and develop creative solutions to address them, but it gives them a platform on which to practice and reinforce their leadership skills. The YLF (with the help of their mentors) drives the process of identifying a problem or issue, developing an action plan to address it and implementing that plan from start to finish.  


Why a mentorship programme?

Women Win believes that mentoring is a valuable tool to promote and encourage development of young women as leaders in their sport organisations and communities. Often times, girls and young women have little access to role models or mentors who they can speak to candidly about their lives, goals and future aspirations. Structured mentoring programmes give young women and girls opportunities to build a network that can help guide them in short and long term goals, develop their leadership capacities and give them the confidence to achieve what they want to achieve on and off the field.

Sport and Leadership

Women Win believes that SPORT has unique elements that are instrumental in developing the leadership of girls and young women. Sport cultivates the leadership skills inherent in girls, creates an enabling environment in which girls practise leadership skills and allows them to actively use their knowledge and skills to drive change in their own life and in their community. Below is Women Win’s leadership framework, which outlines the role sport has in developing girls’ leadership and which is the foundation for our mentoring programme.