Young Leaders in Sport Mentorship Programme - Round 1

Meet A Few of the 2013 Mentors!

Clare Barrell
International Development Officer at UK Sport
Chair of the Commonwealth Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) Youth Working Group (YWG)

“The mentorship experience has been a wholly positive one. In a busy day job, it is easy to forget the realities faced by young girls. Having a chance to build a one on one relationship with a very motivated and talented young lady has been very rewarding, it doesn’t take up a lot of time, just the willingness to listen, advise and provide input when necessary. It’s great to get updates from Sabina and I enjoy connecting with her on skype. It’s a humbling experience, don’t forget, you will learn a lot too.”


Daniela Weitmann
Europe Procurement Senior Director at Nike

“Mentoring is a crucial value-add for women and minorities. Being Latina (Brazilian), a woman and a mother of 2, I know which balancing act it is to raise a family, have a successful career and get personal satisfaction while doing that. My mentors were there to guide me. I want to do the same thing for other women. I want to share the knowledge I have from my many years of education, living abroad, growing on the career ladder and in corporate life, and building a family and raising my kids.”


Megan Chawansky
Lecturer at the University of Brighton, specializing in sport for development and feminist theories of sport

“I enjoy ‘coaching’ others and encouraging them to push beyond their comfort zones. And, since I benefitted from strong, effective mentors during my professional development, I feel highly committed to ‘paying back’ to the women’s sports community by shaping the next generation of women sports leaders.”



Nandine van Karnebeek
Freelance editor in chief, The Netherlands

“Not only does the possibility appeal to me to be able to help somebody a step further in life by sharing my experience, listening, motivating and giving advice, I also think the whole process will be as interesting and enriching for me as well.”