Young Leaders in Sport Mentors - Round 2

meet the mentoring team

Marketing Sourcing Manager
Nike European Headquarters, The Netherlands

“I expect this program to be a great opportunity for the mentee and the mentor to share their experiences, competencies, values but also their differences and both become stronger. I am convinced we can learn a lot from each other and achieve more together.
 I think it is crucial to stay grounded to what is important in life and this mentoring relationship would most probably change my way to look at the world. Helping a young woman to achieve her goals and support her community would bring me so much.”


The Activ Collaborative, UK

"I have a passion in regards to women and exercise. Myself have used exercise as personal tool myself to get where I am in life. There is a lack of role models for women/girls leading community grass roots projects, the opportunity to support someone with leading a project - plus insight around cross-cultural perspectives, is a great opportunity.” 



Discover Football, Germany

“I want to see a world, where women support each other to rise above. If we use opportunities to learn from each other, instead of building barriers, we will make the society a better thing. I have never had a mentor myself. The area of "soccer activism" I have had a strong team, but especially in the beginning, no encouragement at all from outside. People and institutions would rather say "you will never make it", "you're just naive" or "public football for women does not exist in Iran - why should YOU change that?". I think that through the absence of a mentoring relationship in my own life, I have learned a lot by myself, that I would love to share, if I can, with a mentee.” 


Project Leader of "Sport Empowers Disabled Youth"
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

“I have been influenced by several women in my own life and may not have been where I am today without them. I like to share my own knowledge and expertise with a young leader in order for that woman to grow and learn. And at the same time, I am convinced that I will be able to learn from her as well.”



Independent Researcher and Activist, Gender & Sport Issues

“I believe in equal opportunities in sport and think women must become sport leaders to be able to involve more girls. Also, I think it's important to have both girls and boys look up to women in leadership position in sports. I am happy to mentor young women with leadership abilities to become such leaders.”


DLAPiper, UK

“I have benefitted from having mentors from different backgrounds who have helped guide and advise me throughout my life and my career and it is important for me personally that I share that experience and pass on my knowledge to other women. I do not believe I would be where I am today but for the support I have had from my mentors and the grounding I had on the sports pitch as a girl and it is very important to me that I pass on my experiences to benefit other women and girls where I can.”


MA in English
Sectormanager Blijf Groep, The Netherlands

“I strongly believe in empowerment of girls and women through mentorship. In my present work at as a director of many women's shelter in Amsterdam I implement a sports program in the shelters because I believe sport is a powerful way to build confidence and feel better even when times are hard.”


Training & Communications Lead - Transition Management
Nike European Headquarters, The Netherlands

“After many years experience as a retail manager, leading into my current role in Nike, the biggest satisfaction has always been, and still is, the opening up of people's potential. To have the opportunity to do this outside of a business environment is for me a next step personally. Outside of a wish to pay it forward, I strongly believe that girls have an untapped strength that, when released, can impact society and communities to a life-changing degree. To be even a small part of that change and contribute to another person's life is what drives me to becoming a mentor.”


Independent Consultant, Global Health and Adolescent Development

“All successful relationships must produce bilateral benefits. I am very confident that I will benefit as much as the young woman I am paired with. The mentoring relationship will provide me with direct personal and professional insight into what works, and what can be improved, in programming with and for girls and young women. And as a woman with lots of life and work experience, but an attitude that is fully young at heart, I'm fully confident that there will be a great deal of joy and fun in this experience - for all both of us!"


Learn Specialist
Women Win, The Netherlands

"We live in a world where women are often still encouraged to be competitive against each other. A mentoring relationship is a unique opportunity to challenge this stereotype and answer to competition and rivalry with mutual respect, solidarity and support. As a teacher I have enjoyed opening up new paths for my students and letting them explore them on their own instead of providing ready-made solutions. As a mentor I am looking forward to doing the same with my mentee and getting to learn from her too while she is exploring new ways in her personal and professional development."