Young Leader Fellows Round 2

Meet the second round of Women Win's Young Leader Fellows

Football Coach and Peer Educator
Moving the Goalposts (MTG), Kenya

Furaha became involved with Moving the Goalposts (MTG) as one of the football players during the early beginnings of the organization. Later, she also became a coach and referee. She currently coaches the MTG United open age team and works as a peer educator.

She would like to share with other young women in her community how football can contribute to a better life. She would also like to improve her confidence in order to become a better leader.

Football Coach and Peer Educator
Moving the Goalposts (MTG), Kenya

Elvinah joined MGT as a player to then become head coach for the under 13 MTG United team a few years later. Besides training girls, she also participates in MTG as a peer educator and peer leader. She would like to share her experiences with other peers participating in the mentorship program and learn from their experiences.

Elvinah would also like to learn more about how other peers tackle issues of early marriages, early pregnancy and GBV within their organization. 

Football Coach and First Aider
Moving the Goalposts, Kenya

Marion has been trained as a peer leader, a first aider and a coach at MTG. She would like to improve her facilitation skills in order to empower adolescent girls in her community by using sport.

She believes that the videos produced through DST will motivate girls in her community to capture their own stories and share them with many others. Marion would also like to improve her writing skills in order to document organizational activities and success stories.


Gender Programme Officer
KMG- Ethiopia

Genet is the Gender Program Officer at KMG, where she manages two key community based development programs; Women and Girls Welfare and Girls education and sport. Within these programs, Genet has been engaging with girls by assisting them to develop their leadership skills through sport.

She believes that the mentorship program will better equip her with the necessary skills to guide these young women towards their goals in her community. 


Documentation Officer
National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR) – Zambia

Natasha is part of the NOWSPAR organization in Zambia where she recently became the Documentation Officer. Natasha would like to improve her assertiveness when communicating with other people in order to be a better leader.

Natasha is interested in helping other girls to participate more in decision making in their own lives since she believes this will improve their leadership and empower them. 


Football Coach
SALT Academy, Cambodia

Channou joined SALT academy’s ‘Mighty Girls’ program, where she was offered the opportunity to continue studying and playing football. At the same time, she started training other girls and boys in the countryside and engaging them in life skill sessions. She would like to learn more about the positive impact that sport can have in changing a community. In addition, Channou would like to improve her English, leadership and computer skills in order to become an agent of change in her country.


Football Coach
SALT Academy, Cambodia

Linda is a member of the ‘Mighty Girls’ programme at SALT Academy and also works as a coach, referee and life skill facilitator. She would like to engage other young people in playing football since she believes this sport can open great opportunities in their lives and can keep them away from unhealthy hobbies. She would like to increase her confidence when speaking in front of big crowds as well as learn new ways of keeping her players interested and engaged during her sessions.



LAXMI SHAKYA, 20 Netball Coach
NAZ Foundation, India

Laxmi currently is a coach in the Goal program, delivering netball and life skill sessions to adolescent girls in Dehli. She would like to learn more about digital story telling in order to share her experiences with others.

Laxmi would like to eventually manage entire Goal programme sites and organize a league match by herself. After her graduation she would also like to become a lawyer.  



Senior Netball Coach
NAZ Foundation, India

Pallavi is currently a senior Goal netball coach at the NAZ Foundation. She would like to become a better coach and always keep her positive attitude.

Pallavi wants to learn about DST and improve her leadership skills in order to become a better Goal coach and life skills facilitator in her community.  


Teacher and Football Coach
AKWOS, Rwanda

Solange has been a member of AKWOS (Association of Kigali Women in Sports) since 2006. As a schoolteacher and football coach in the Northern Province, Solange uses football as a way to create safe spaces for girls to gather and discuss issues related to gender-based violence and their lives.

Solange is interested in learning more about how to use digital storytelling to improve the lives of girls and women in Rwanda and set strong personal and professional goals for herself in the next year.