The Impact pillar exists to prove and improve our work. Women Win is working to develop a body of irrefutable evidence for sport as a powerful tool to equip adolescent girls to exercise their rights and realize their leadership potential. Women Win and our partners in the field are committed to our ethos of outcomes-based approaches, demonstrating change through consistent, accurate and efficient processes of measuring, analysing and reporting.

Women Win believes that a valid outcome goes beyond what an organisation does, resting upon what the programme actually accomplishes. We have developed a specific framework of indicators based on what we call the “B.A.C.K.S.” measures. These are a girl’s changes in Behaviour, Attitude, Condition, Knowledge and Status. This framework allows us to contextualise the outcomes, and make concepts such as empowerment and leadership specific, aligned and measurable.

Through this pillar we:

1. Drive a Dynamic Impact Strategy

Women Win has constructed a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system to measure change and demonstrate impact on various levels – individual, organisation and community. Our system includes a diverse and innovative set of customisable tools and methods to be used both by us and by our programme partners. With these streamlined measures, we increase our ability to demonstrate our collective impact, improve our partners' programmes and increase a mutual accountability between Women Win and our programme partners.

2. Promote Collective Impact

In order to create lasting solutions to social problems on a large scale, organisations across sectors need to coordinate their efforts and work together around a clearly defined goal. To promote a collective impact strategy for addressing girls’ rights through sport, Women Win seeks to align the evidence from our partners by developing a shared agenda, sharing a common measurement system (Salesforce®) and investing in active collaboration.

3. Engage and inform an innovative research agenda

Many people accept anecdotally that sport can have a positive impact on the lives and development of young people. However, there is a lack of qualified research into the specific impact of sport on social development, and virtually none about the impact of sport on gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) or economic inequalities. Women Win actively supports, builds and collaborates with a strong network of universities, independent researchers and institutes in an attempt to bridge this gap.