26 July 2018
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Girls from the Naz Foundation use sport as a tool to learn about their rights
23 July 2018
In the Tamil Nadu province in India, 14-year old Laxmi's uncle wanted to marry her. But through participation in the Goal Programme, Laxmi learned to say 'no'.

3 August 2017

Partners and activists working on gender equity through sport and play recognized for their contribution to global development and the Sustainable Development Goals

28 March 2017
Joining forces with Volleyball Australia and Girl Determined to improve girls' leadership in Myanmar
7 March 2017
Take a look at the top photos from our contest
6 April 2015
A call to include sport or physical activity in the post-2016 development agenda
21 December 2014
She wanted to be equal. She wanted to show her daughter that anything was possible. Watch a powerful story of human resilience through climbing in Nepal.
10 October 2014
Girls around the world are playing sport and they're becoming stronger because of it. We want to see your best photos of girls playing sport, and we'll grant the winner $200 as a reward!