Proudly empowering

We work with

like-minded organisations

tackling gender equity

Partnering with women’s funds, women’s rights organisations and grassroots organisations facilitates conversations that help us quickly learn more about who we are, what we do and how we can generate a greater impact together. Collectively, we develop initiatives and implement guidelines and innovative methodologies that invest in their women’s-rights strategies. The result: a future where every girl and woman exercises their rights.

Working together,

winning together

Women Win works with like-minded organisations tackling gender equity. We ensure strong and lasting partnerships, by creating a principle-based selection process when choosing organisations.

  • Mission and vision alignment
  • Innovation in model or activities
  • Sustainability
  • Track of their impact
  • Impact on the individual and community level
  • Scale
  • Ability to influence

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Implementing partners

Implementing partners are grassroots organisations that help serve women and girls in their community.

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Alliance & Networks

We do not tackle gender inequity alone. Women Win proudly partners with various strategic alliances and networks.

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We create intra- and cross-sector support networks to bridge our expertise to create a powerful driver of progress.

Some of our


Since its foundation, Women Win and its initiatives have been supported by hundreds of funders. The work we do would not be possible without the support and resources received from a diverse funding portfolio: from companies to government ministries, from global foundations to individuals & families. All committed to seeing positive change in the lives of women and girls worldwide.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (MFA) has been a key partner of Women Win in several initiatives. Since 2018, the MFA is a strategic funding partner for Win-Win Strategies’ work of catalysing collaborations between the corporate sector and women’s funds/rights organisations in women’s economic resilience programmes and strategies.

The OAK Foundation addresses issues of global, social and environmental concern. They support Women Win’s ONSIDE Initiative. ONSIDE supports the creation of a shared vision, connecting cross-sector feminist initiatives from around the world while driving a sustained movement to increase gender justice in local and international sports systems and structures.

Women Win and Comic Relief have been in partnership for over a decade. With investment and technical support from Comic Relief, Women Win and our partners in Kenya Uganda, Zambia, and Brazil are implementing a diverse range of sport for social change initiatives targeting marginalised girls and young women.